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Welcome to my website

What can I say but a very warm welcome to my web-site. It is very exciting to leap into the modern world of publishing and have the opportunity to not only write a book about a shared passion but to present it in such an attractive way on the internet so that the maximum number of aspiring and experienced anglers can get their hands on a copy and get reading!

Sarah James from James+Co Creative deserves a special mention for her artistic and technical abilities putting this site together for all our benefit.

Peter Gibson the principal of Creek of Peace Publishing has done an amazing job of bringing all the parts together and producing a book that anyone would be proud to own and hopefully read and re-read and open time and time again just to enjoy the amazing pencil sketches from Glen Preece that so perfectly compliment the words in Secret Creek.

‘Every fly-fisher deserves a secret creek. Not necessarily a place completely unknown to others, but a place you can get to know and feel a part of. A place that you can take a trusted friend and share together unselfishly, but still feel as though it is your own special place; an escape from the hurly-burly world in which we live. A place where time seems to stand still and old fashioned values still seem appropriate.’

I hope in reading Secret Creek you will be reminded of your very own secret spots, or perhaps be stimulated to get out there and find somewhere special for yourself and your friends to share with your common love of fly-fishing in the great Australian outdoors.

Tight loops, safe wading and superb fly-fishing to you all.